Water and Drain Re-Pipes

Do you have corroded or leaking water and drain lines? We can fix it!

Hot & Cold Water Repipe

Most older homes are plumbed with galvanized steel pipes. The old steel piping corrodes, which causes build up inside the piping  that restricts the volume of water, and the gritty rusty bits can get into your faucet aerators clogging them up and reducing flow. Not to mention it is ingested when you drink a glass of water. We repipe homes with type A PEX tubing and fittings. We offer a 10 year warranty on our repipes. Get rid of your old rusty steel water pipes. Call today!

Water Service Replacement

We can replace your leaking water service by either the use of a mechanical boring machine, or digging a trench to the house with an excavator. Most water services can be done by boring the new pipe which is really quick and relatively clean. Call today!

Drain Leak Repair or Repipe

Many older homes have undersized and corroded steel drain pipes that drain very slowly and oftentimes are dripping in your crawl space without your knowledge. This creates an unsanitary environment that breeds bacteria and mold. In many cases, the old piping is undersized and cannot keep up with modern appliances which pump and drain a larger volume of water than they did in years past. We replace your old steel rains with new PVC DWV pipe and fittings. Call today!

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Water & Drain Re-Pipes

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